Bonnie Chau



Reading Bonnie Chau's stories, I felt the words as a transfusion, a straight shot into the deepest recesses of my body. Forgotten associations and disassociations, my experience mirrored through language; I was brought back into myself. This is the miracle that masterful writing performs: a communion more intimate than skin upon skin.   —Anelise Chen

All Roads Lead to Blood reveals a writer with an uncommon sensitivity to the strangeness, and strange inevitability, of our situation. Bonnie Chau’s characters careen through uncertainty and ambivalence, and yet we feel, underneath their defenses, a sorrow and awe for the world they’ve landed in. This book reveals a writer of sharp intelligence who cannot help but to build life—messy and raw and real—on the page. A remarkable debut.   —Ben Marcus

The intensity and desire of youth, with the wisdom of wild imagination—these unforgettable stories by Bonnie Chau kept surprising me, not only with the fantastical turns, but also the sharpness and discomfort of the psychological insights.   —Rivka Galchen

I loved Bonnie Chau’s leaky, sexy, witty stories of displacement and translation, of dutiful daughters and secret selves changing shapes and fragmenting. I loved being in the space of her disorienting yet alive atmospheres—these jellied bodies, these peach-colored suburban stucco buildings, these hectic cities—and didn’t want to leave.   —Kate Zambreno